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About Second Chance

Why choose our services

Our approach to recruitment is different in that we aim to find the best match between our internal and external clients taking both parties needs and wants into consideration. There must be a win-win for both parties and not just a monetary benefit for Second Chance. We also train and coach our internal clients to enhance their lives while ensuring that the quality of service we give is above average.

Our process

Persons seeking a job must first register at Second Chance. Hereafter we analyze the registration information to determine if the person meets our criteria. Hereafter an interview is done with the individual to either accept or deny them in our employment pool to recommend to our external clients. 

Our obligation

We have decided to ensure both the well-being of our internal as well as our external clients. We believe that without the well-being of our internal clients being met, we cannot offer exceptional service nor provide quality persons to our external clients. Therefore our obligation is to continually work with both parties through coaching or/and training on one end and consistent follow-up and dialogue with the companies on the other end.

SECOND CHANCE RECRUITMENT & TRAINING AGENCY N.V. (“Herein further SCRTA”) was founded in 2016 by Ms. Zeynep Sabahöglu, Emilio Kalmera, and one more party. Coincidentally when you take all three founders first letter of their names and put them together you get ZEN which is Zeynep a.k.a short name.  

Zeynep and Emilio paths would again cross back in 2013 where Emilio was asked to give a lecture about money to the students at the P.S.V.E High School on Sint Maarten. Zeynep has been the Career & Guidance Counselor/Job Training Coordinator for the third and fourth formers at the St. Maarten Academy P.S.V.E. (Preparatory Secondary Vocational Education) school since 2009. After Emilio’s dynamic lecture titled: “Money: A Blessing or a Curse?”, many students were impressed, including in particular two of what would be considered “bad boys” of the school. Zeynep watched as these boys would interact with Emilio where they were very impressed with the knowledge shared and being that Emilio have dread-locks, the connection with the students impressed Zeynep and from here on end Zeynep and Emilio remained in contact which later resulted in Emilio being called in to mentor some of the boy students as an initiative of Zeynep.

In 2014 Emilio mentioned his plans to Zeynep to purchase an RV bus to incorporate a mobile office with the intention to be able to provide trainings to persons at almost any location that is convenient to them. Emilio came up with this idea after receiving numerous requests from attendees after courses, lectures, and workshops given, in most cases on behalf of other entities that hired him in to conduct such sessions, for smaller more intimate settings to conduct trainings. One-on-one trainings were also requested as persons said they did not always feel comfortable asking questions with too many persons being in the room due to the sometimes technical nature of investments and financial planning. The RV would have incorporated other complementary and non-complementary services as well. That is when the Vegas On Wheels concept was formed and Zeynep wanted to be a co-founder and investor in the project.  

In 2014 Emilio and Zeynep paths would cross again and by this time Zeynep had had enough of the limitations and restrictions she was facing in her work with students and felt that she could reach more students who would benefit from her stern guidance to get and make them successful. It is then when Zeynep and Emilio started discussing a broader concept than just training but also job placement and recruitment. They discussed the possible synergies, startup obstacles, products offering, etc during a few business meetings and then they decided they would commit to establishing a recruitment and training agency. Upon Zeynep discussing the new business endeavor with another person, who is currently working also in the industry, the person in turned indicated that they want to be on board. So after all three persons sat down and had a few meetings, here we are and the rest is history.

The purpose of the Company is:


1.      To operate a human resource and guidance counseling agency, including training and coaching in different fields of employment.

2.      To hire be it temporary or for longer periods consultants, interim managers or any other person on that moment necessary for companies as well as projects.



SCRTA core mission is to not only provide labor needs for its external clients but to also foster job opportunities for its internal clients who might be looking for a career change, or for those who deserve a second chance in society due to past mistakes made which had legal implications.



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